Karrnathi City – Population: 50,000

Vedykar is an old city, large and expansive, but well-maintained. It is at the junction of two critical trade routes and a stop on the Lightning Rail, and so does much business off merchants and travellers. As a result, the city has many inns and, though it has a usual number of shops, many merchants are always able to be found in the Vedykar Exchange area of the city.

Most buildings are fashioned out of stone and the streets are the same, though many sideways and alleys are just packed dirt. The architecture is not particularly stylish but is practical and not exactly unattractive.

Notable Locations

Vedykar Mages Guild — a small but well-kept mage guild. It is run by a kind Kalashtar named Arkhetch, whose father (and former guild head) Harikhetch continues to run various custodial affairs for the guild, including maintenance of the teleportation circle linking this guild and its offshoot guild in Vulyar

Bladed Arms — a mercenary guild of sorts, with a decent reputation in Vedykar. They flourish in the absence of a House Deneith presence in the city. Its members are very protective of their contracts and are often hostile to competitors. It is run by a dwarf fighter named Grapak.

Wealth Street — Mr. Artauche (also two other, more minor Concordians of the Aurum) lives on this street, a long stretch of well-kept cobblestone that forms a loop on the west side of the city. It lives up to its name; the buildings here are quite expensive, and the shops – while generally mundane – are similarly out of reach for the average commoner. Most manors here are gated and guarded, and visitors typically do not enter without permission (not that some don’t try).

House Jorasco Enclave — an enormous complex that serves as Jorasco’s base of operations can be found here. Baron Ulara d’Jorasco, head of House Jorasco, also lives here. It includes buildings to treat virtually every sort of malady (akin to an enormous, discretely built hospital) and a small lake in the center, said to take away all of one’s memories if bathed in at dawn. It is expensive to use.

Vedykar Exchange — an enormous, architecturally-empty plaza near the center of the city. It is flanked on all sides by inns of different descriptions, and in the middle, travelling merchants stop to trade amongst themselves and travellers. Some may set up stalls – these are rented on a temporary basis by the inns – but some merely stand. On a normal day, it is packed with people.


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