Thunderspire Labyrinth

Unincorporated Karrnathi Town — Population: 1,000

Located in the Ashen Spires mountain range in Karrnath, with its entrance at the tallest mountain there, the Thunderspire Labyrinth is a very old construct dating back to the Age of Monsters that twists a huge path below the mountains and into Khyber below.

The Labyrinth was created by a minotaur named Saruun Kell at the height of minotaur civilization, and many remnants of their rule here remain.

Notable Locations

The Seven-Pillared Hall — In a massive cavern relatively close to the primary entrance to the labyrinth lies the Seven-Pillared Hall. Originally a meeting place of the ancient undermountain city, it now serves as home to the morally questionable Mages of Saruun, who provide a degree of order and safety to the inhabitants of the area. As the Thunderspire Labyrinth is not technically a part of the Karrnathi jurisdiction, people here enjoy more freedom than they would elsewhere in the nation, though at considerably higher risk.

The Chamber of Eyes — Once a shrine dedicated to worship of the Devourer, the Chamber of Eyes became home to the Bloodreavers, a band of goblinoid slavers and marauders led by a hobgoblin named Krand. The Bloodreavers were exterminated completely by the Eclipse Collective in 998 YK, and the Chamber of Eyes has remained empty since.

The Horned Hold — At the furthest edges of the old minotaur city was the Horned Hold, a stronghold of considerable size. When the last minotaurs of the Labyrinth faded away, the duergar emerged from Khyber by way of the nearby Deep Stair and claimed the Horned Hold for themselves. These duergar, calling themselves Clan Grimmerzhul, were led by Murkelmor until his death (and that of most of his clansmen) at the hands of the Eclipse Collective in 998 YK.

The Well of Demons — Considered the minotaurs’ most sacred place, the Well of Demons was the appropriately-named temple devoted to the worship of Demon Overlords. In order to gain the blessings of the Rajahs, petitioners went through a series of four trials here. When the labyrinth fell into ruin, a gnoll named Maldrick Scarmaker led his Blackfang gnolls to occupy the well. The Eclipse Collective defeated the gnolls here in 998 YK.

Tower of Sunset — Deep within the Labyrinth is a tower that protrudes upwards above the Ashen Spires. It was used as a lookout tower by the minotaurs, but came to be occupied by Paldemar’s exiled apprentice Denoa, whom the Eclipse Collective killed in 998 YK to gain access to her master.

Tower of Mystery — A magical tower accessible from behind a waterfall in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Its original purpose has long been lost, but the Mages of Saruun believe it is older than even the minotaurs. Paldemar took this place as his hideout when he seized the Rod of Order in 998 YK, and it was here that the Eclipse Collective killed him and seized the artifact for Remelius Artauche.

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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