“Of course, we still follow the Church’s teachings. We would just rather they were not in charge.”
-Athen ir’Falant

Since 914 YK, Thrane has been ruled not by a king or queen, but by the Church of the Silver Flame. The nation has kept its monarchy, but only in a completely powerless position: the current “queen,” Diani ir’Wynarn, is more a conservative comfort than an actual regent.

For the most part, the highly devout Thranes are satisfied with this arrangement, and the Church has generally been a capable governing body. But there are some, particularly the nobles of Thrane marginalized by the Church’s aristocracy-limiting policies, who believe that the old ways really are best. The semi-secret organization called the Throneholders is the most organized movement to this end, dedicated to restoring Queen Diani ir’Wynarn to actual power in Thrane.

Known members


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