Karrnathi City – Population: 28,000

Rekkenmark is a large Karrn city on Scions Sound across the water from Thaliost. Today, the city is a shadow of what it once was, having suffered not only the destruction of the bridge connecting it to the rest of the nations of Khorvaire, but multiple attacks over the course of the war, including the air raid of 974 YK, and the remnants of the devastation of these attacks can still be seen. However, the military academy still produces some of the finest officers on Khorvaire, and is attended by Halix ir’Wynarn, youngest son of Boranel ir’Wynarn, king of Breland, among others.

Notable Locations

White Arch Bridge — a huge bridge once connected Rekkenmark and Thaliost, but it was destroyed in 899 YK by Stahlstrauss and his cohort at the command of King Kaius I to prevent invasion from the west. It was repaired by Aundair, but destroyed again in 928 YK, and has not been repaired since.

Rekkenmark Academy — a large military academy that dates back nearly 1000 years, famed across Khorvaire for the quality of its officer training.

Four Winds Marketplace — a fairly large and bustling marketplace near the warlord’s castle.

Warlord’s Castle — the home of Rekkenmark’s warlord, the militant general responsible for overseeing the city.


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