Lharvion is the seventh moon of Eberron. This moon features a gargantuan black chasm, and, when viewed from Eberron, the full disk of Lharvion resembles a slitted eye. Many superstitions exist about the baleful influence of this moon, and strange occurrences and calamities seem to happen when the Eye of Lharvion is full in the sky. The druids believe that children of Lharvion possess unnatural insights, and gifted diviners and researchers are often born in this month.

Since 1001 YK, when Iadoes Lunaformer triggered a powerful magic surge, there have been two Lharvions in the sky, in an antipodal orbit around Eberron.

Cult of Lharvion

In 1000 YK, Zil’dejin Firebane found the tiefling chaos sorcerer Iadoes Lunaformer chained to a fragment of Lharvion in Thrane. Not long after, Iadoes founded the Cult of Lharvion in Eros. Iadoes variously claimed to have come from Lharvion, visited it multiple times, visited it once, and never visited it at all. Never the less, he has an undeniably strong connection with the moon. He carries a small enchanted fragment of it with him at all times.

The Cult of Lharvion was very small until Therendor of 1001 YK, at which point it experienced two major boons: the rapid expansion project in Grey Titan’s Hold, and a sizable chaos surge created by Iadoes creating a duplicate Lharvion. Many people took this to be a sign, and turned to Gummy Joe, Iadoes’ second-in-command in the cult, creating an influx of members.


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