The Bleak Eternity of Gehenna is a demiplane contained within Mabar, the Endless Night. It is the plane of suspicion and greed, and the birthplace of daemons, which dwell here in great numbers. A range of four volcanic mountains marks the subplane, where it drifts through the darkness of Mabar, apparently impervious to the effects of the all-encompassing negative energy of its parent plane. The four mountains are surrounded by volcanic earthmotes that occasionally smash into the greater mountains.

Though there is a semblance of order among the daemons, it is nowhere near as rigid as that found in Baator. Four powerful daemons, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, each command one of the four realms tied to the great mountains of Gehenna. It is said that the Oinodaemon is bound to this subplane, though it remains unclear just what this creature’s true nature is. Even the daemons are unsure, though some refer to it as the “fifth Horseman,” while others revere it as a god. Most daemons consider the Oinodaemon a myth.

Gehenna has no room for mercy or compassion. The fiends living here are among the greediest and most selfish in all the multiverse.


  • Nelfach’s Hold: On the slopes of Krangath, the fourth mount of Gehenna, a squat but sturdy tower clearly built in imitation of the Tower Arcane acts as the stronghold of the venedaemon sorcerer Nelfach.
  • Tower Arcane: located on the slope of Chamada, the second mount of Gehenna, the Tower Arcane rises high avbove the lava flows and ash clouds, decorated with blades and spikes that promise pain and death to unwelcome visitors. The history of the daemons can be found here, as well as a vast library of ghastly contracts with mortals, extending for miles. The wizards of the Tower Arcane write and research endlessly here.


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