An azer narcotics dealer working in the Iskalat district of the City of Brass. Killed by Iadoes in exchange for some pa'kkkh (DECEASED, 1001 YK).


Zangot was an azer (a fire-infused cousin of the dwarves) narcotics dealer operating on the streets of the City of Brass. He specializes in the sale of low-quality dragon’s blood (the narcotic, not the substance) and was not very selective about his clientele. His cheap product coupled with the huge population of arcane magic wielders in the City of Brass made his business extremely lucrative. Ozorr, another narcotics dealer with more specific focuses, viewed Zangot as his strongest rival and hired Iadoes Lunaformer to kill one of his biggest rivals, Zangot.

Iadoes found Zangot and cornered him in an alley, used magic to force him to drop his weapon, and destroyed him with a quick flurry of magic. As a reward, and Ozorr gifted him a vial of pa’kkkh.



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