Yagmur Reis

Djinni noble who made a stronghold out of the Tower of Air in Illandyano. Was struggling to keep the palace sealed while other genie lords attempt to open it. (DECEASED, 1001 YK; killed by the party)



Yagmur comes from Syrania, where he is a high-ranking noble in a society of djinn. He holds the title of “Reis,” literally meaning something like admiral but more accurately referring to his nature as a powerful summoner. Unlike many genie nobles of his stature, he does not keep any typical army but instead summons elementals on demand when faced with conflict.

He has had a long-standing rivalry with Khatun Makra jin Karima, lasting for several centuries.


Yagmur came to Illandyano in the plane of Kythri when the mysterious wards around it ceased to function. At this point, Makra jin Karima arrived seeking to break into the palace of Zenzatun for the treasures rumoured to be within. Yagmur dedicated himself to keeping Makra out of the palace, which he believed to have been sealed for some purpose.

He struck alliances with the Eclipse Collective and the Reclaimer Company, as well as Helania, for this purpose. The former two would ultimately turn on him, however, and Helania would prove unable to stop it as the adventuring parties made an attempt at opening Zenzatun, killing Yagmur in the process… but not before he summoned an Air Monolith.

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Yagmur Reis

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