Voraqael Xel'zoratha

Apparent leader of the mercenary Umbragen drow that came to Scora Bael on behalf of the aboleths.


In the nebulous society of the Umbragen drow, Voraqael xel’Zoratha is something similar to a noble. By his own account, Voraqael is one of several to hold the rank of jabbuk in their subterranean capital city, and like the others, he is responsible for leading a small group of martial- and magic-inclined Umbragen. Nearly all jabbuk, according to Voraqael, either defend the Ring of Storms or have emerged to the surface for the first time in hundreds of years to seek aid in defeating the forces of Khyber that threaten their race’s existence. Voraqael and his drow are in the latter category.

Voraqael came to the ruins of Scora Bael on Kapaerian Island to seek the Dreamheart, operating under promises made by the aboleths to help the Umbragen in exchange for retrieving the Eye of the Eldest. This brought the Umbragen into direct conflict with the Sulatar, a brief war that cost many lives on both sides. The Eclipse Collective enlisted Voraqael’s help in getting the Dreamheart, but they mutually agreed that it was best if the drow did not take the artifact once it was found. The party left him with promises that they would come to the Ring of Storms to help his people when they could, but they never fulfilled this promise.


Voraqael Xel'zoratha

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