The Impure Prince

A void lich formed from the essence of a Dhakaani hobgoblin mage and a crippled daelkyr lord. Dwelt in the goblin ruins beneath Graywall. The Prince's components were separated; one destroyed, and one sealed (DECEASED, 999 YK).


Around -800 YK, during the goblinoid Dhakaani Empire’s war with the Daelkyr, the city of Graywall was a goblin stronghold overseen by a hobgoblin mage named Drazen. Drazen fell ill in his later years, but felt his aspirations of power and glory had not yet been achieved, and so he began to explore options to extend his life. Being a competent spellcaster, he believed lichdom was the best path to eternal life, and set about fervently researching it.

Meanwhile, a Daelkyr lord named Ghatax, also called the Prince of Shadows, had been crippled by the Dhakaani. The effort had an almost unprecedented death toll with tens of thousands of goblins killed in the process, but Ghatax was weakened, one of few Daelkyr to have been so. The injured Daelkyr lord located Drazen and was drawn closer by his ritual. At the last possible moment, Ghatax interfered and joined with Drazen’s soul when it was most vulnerable. The resulting hybrid creature was a unique type of lich called a “void lich,” and it came to be called the Impure Prince.

The Impure Prince was weakened by the creation ritual and ended up dwelling in the goblinoid ruins when the empire fell for many years, even after the Droaam city of Graywall was built over top of it. The monstrous inhabitants built the Deep Door to keep him in, but over the years, as the Impure Prince grew in power, his corruption began to seep out. Graywall’s governor, the mind flayer Xorchylic, knew something had to be done, but it was all his Flayer Guard could do just to keep the Prince’s minions at bay, not to mention they had no way inside.

When the Eclipse Collective arrived looking for forces, Xorchylic saw the perfect opportunity. Taking a secondary contract with House Tharashk to seek out dragonshards in the Prince’s domain, they entered using a key carved into a cleaver, tore through the Dhakaani ruins and confronted the Impure Prince. He talks at length about his history and allows them to leave on the condition they deliver a different key-cleaver to Xorchylic.

The party later returned with Rorgash “the Calm” to fight the Impure Prince. After a difficult battle they destroyed his corporeal form, broke his phylactery to kill Drazen’s soul, and Rorgash sealed Ghatax with a rudimentary version of a Gatekeeper Seal.


The Impure Prince

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