Tezoth the Hungry

A grey dragon, living in secret in the Thousand Flights of Argonnessen. Consumed with hatred for nearly all things. Killed by Tethris (DECEASED, 1001 YK)


Tezoth “the Hungry” was an elder gray dragon living secretly in a lair beneath the Thousand Flights of Argonnessen. The lair was once a hoard used by a silver dragon in the Vast, and a mirror-like portal connected the two areas. While on a pilgrimage to find the Shield of Dol Dorn, Derli d’Kundarak stumbled upon the dead silver dragon’s lair and followed the portal to inadvertently end up in Tezoth’s home.

Tezoth, filled with hatred and a desire to consume all living things, prepared to eat Derli, but Derli offered the lives of Prax and Tethris in exchange for his own. Tezoth agreed, and devoured Prax, as well as Tethris’ arm, but Tethris ultimately triumphed over Tezoth.


Tezoth the Hungry

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