A hugely pessimistic "knight" from Argonnessen who is travelling with Derli on his pilgrimage. May or may not be a dragon himself. Wears armour that appears to be brass.



Believed (but not proven) by Derli d’Kundarak to be a dragon in humanoid form, Tethris is a so-called "knight" from Argonnessen who wears heavy brass-like armour and has a number of supernatural abilities. As the lover of the Doloth'andorn-worshipping white dragon Prax, Tethris joined Derli on his pilgrimage to find the Shield of Dol Dorn, but held nothing but disdain for the dwarf and his journey. Tethris took every opportunity to mock, ridicule, and scorn Derli. When Derli encountered a portal to Tezoth the Hungry‘s lair and accidentally ventured within, he offered the lives of Tethris and Prax in exchange for the grey dragon sparing his own. Prax was killed by Tezoth, but Tethris survived at the cost of his arm. His disdain for Derli escalated into abject hatred, and he continued following Derli on the rest of his journey just to watch him fail. To Tethris’ disappointment, however, Derli actually succeeded.

Before Derli used his Helm of Teleportation to return to the Eclipse Keep, Tethris told him to send Conlon back to Argonnessen, a message with a meaning that remained unknown until Derli’s conversation with Baalondorus in Therendor, 1001 YK. Here, it was revealed that Tethris is a hexblade in the Tournament of Blades, representing something called the Dragon Pact. He desired to hunt Conlon, as Conlon was himself from Argonnessen, though his gaze apparently shifted to Derli after Derli’s transformation.

In an opportunistic attempt on Derli’s life, he attacked the Phoenix Eclipse while the Collective was fleeing the newly-awakened atropal Suhnen. Rilic used a scroll he had acquired to imprison Tethris in a jade library full of blank books until Derli was ready to duel him. When he did, he defeated Tethris, claiming his life and his blade-talisman.



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