Sardar Sa'ida Dewan al-Zaman

A sardar (a type of border lieutenant) of the City of Brass, who sought a weapon to reclaim the metropolis in Zenzatun, in the lost city of Illandyano. Killed by the Evening Star Company (DECEASED, 1001 YK).



Sa’ida was named a sardar by Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan, former sultan of the City of Brass. In this role, she was charged with defending the physical borders of the City, as well as the less tangible planar borders. These duties took her away from the City of Brass at the time of the arrival of Levistus, the Bringer of Ice, and she remained away when the sultan died and the city began to freeze.

When Sa’ida returned, she was distraught to find what had happened. Seeking to save the city, and to perhaps also claim the title of Sultan for herself by virtue of her efforts, she went to the newly-opened ancient city of Illandyano. There, in the sealed palace of Zenzatun, she came to believe she could find a weapon capable of banishing Levistus and Atrava the Frozen from the city. She would never reach this goal, however; she struck deals with both the Eclipse Collective and the Evening Star Company, who turned against her. The Evening Star Company was tasked with killing her, and they were seen walking away from the temple she had set herself up in as it exploded, raining debris from the sky.


Sardar Sa'ida Dewan al-Zaman

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