Ryltas the Once-Burned

Leader of the Sulatar drow expedition to the Ruins of Scora Bael, and a competent pyromancer (DECEASED, 999 YK)


Ryltas was born with a unique ability: near-total immunity to fire. This strange power brought him into the eyes of an adoring public in the Obsidian City of the Sulatar. A rising star among the Sulatar drow, many of his kin believed that Ryltas would be the one to usher in the Promise of Fire and set the world ablaze. In order to seal this bond and to receive the symbol of leadership, the Blade of Burning Promise, the lorekeepers required Ryltas to prove himself. In order to do this, Ryltas endeavoured to retrieve an ancient and powerful artifact called the Dreamheart from the ruins of Scora Bael on Kapaerian Island. Though he did not know what the Dreamheart was, he knew the Giant Empire had knowledge of it, and he thus believed it had been an artifact of the giants.

The party temporarily aligned with him during their visit to Kapaerian Island, and worked with him in “capturing” Voraqael Xel’zoratha of the Umbragen to gain access to the artifact, as each possessed one half of the necessary ritual to open the hidden chamber. The passage to reach it was littered with traps of magical fire, which Ryltas was impervious to, allowing him first sight of the Dreamheart. When he held the artifact in his hands, its true nature revealed itself. Ryltas abandoned all notions of serving the Sulatar, and decided to instead serve the “Eldest” (the aboleth trapped inside the artifact). The party was forced to kill him at that point.


Ryltas the Once-Burned

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