Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War

A Rakshasa Rajah, or Demon Overlord, associated with war and strife. He was imprisoned in several orange and black Khyber shards spread throughout Eberron (DECEASED, 1002 YK).


One of the 30 supremely powerful Rakshasa Rajahs (or Demon Overlords) that ruled the world in prehistory, Rak Tulkhesh, better known as the “Rage of War,” is associated with war and strife. The balors, huge demons with swords of lightning and whips of fire, are Rak Tulkhesh’s creations, and are made in his image.


Rak Tulkhesh was sealed in thirteen Khyber shards of varying size, numbered at thirteen according to Atrava the Frozen. They had the appearance of obsidian veined with luminous orange-red lines, and are often called Rage Shards. Originally, they were all one mass, locked away beneath Dragon’s Crown in eastern Breland. This is also where he was freed.


Rak Tulkhesh’s prakhutu, or “honoured servant” is Mordakhesh the Shadowsword, a fierce warrior and brilliant tactician. Mordakhesh worked to further his master’s goals. He was mainly responsible for manipulating the Draconic Prophecy to set up the conditions needed to free Rak Tulkhesh, and once this was mostly in place, he set about trying to retrieve the pieces of the Rage of War’s prison. Over time, he was successful, and managed to free Rak Tulkhesh, but was struck down by the Collective and may or may not return.


Rak Tulkhesh was killed by the Eclipse Collective, who fought him with their great Mythic power and used the Staff of Three Dragons to finish him off, giving Zil’dejin Firebane as the needed sacrifice. This marks the first time a Demon Overlord has ever been slain in Eberron’s history.


Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War

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