An azer narcotics dealer in the City of Brass. Specializes in the sale of pa'kkkh: super-concentrated Dragon's Blood.


Ozorr is an azer (a fire-infused cousin of the dwarves) narcotics dealer operating on the streets of the City of Brass. He specializes in the sale of pa’kkkh, extremely concentrated dragon’s blood. Ozorr has plenty of competition, but he would very much prefer a monopoly, so to this end he hired Iadoes Lunaformer to kill one of his biggest rivals, Zangot. Iadoes did so, and Ozorr rewarded him with a vial of pa’kkkh.

Later, after Levistus, the Bringer of Ice and his prakhutu Atrava the Frozen took over the Palace of Cinders, Ozorr fled the City of Brass for Eberron. He settled in Haka’torvhak to try and purchase access to a better marketplace from Yrkhetep. After several desperate attempts at earning the arcanadaemon’s favour, he is presumed to have succeeded in his goal, as he left Haka’torvhak when Yrkhetep did. Like Yrkhetep, he has set up shop in the Teardrop Palace of Gehenna, where he continues to sell narcotics.



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