Ostensibly orphaned or else completely abandoned by his parents, Morgue was left without a family or a name in a small village in rural Aundair. The village was mostly a tiefling settlement, and though the villagers were mostly of his kind, not one of them could identify his original parents. He was taken in by a kind family, who had lost their only child in the Last War. They gave him the name Morgue to signify that he had replaced what they lost to death.

The village mostly stayed out of combat during the Last War (save for the few who voluntarily enlisted, like Morgue’s adopted brother). One day, an unidentified drifter arrived in the village, nursing a near-fatal wound. His mind a haze on the precipice of death, the drifter began madly attacking the villagers. Though Morgue was raised a pacifist by his war-mourning parents, some indescribable instinct within compelled him to act, and he killed the drifter with his bare hands. Though he was shocked and horrified by what he had done, his family and fellow villagers revered him as a hero for saving them.

The years passed, and Morgue only grew to fear himself and his dark side even more. He finally chose to leave his village, and departed from home under the cover of night so nobody would be aware of his departure. As he was approaching the main road, however, he saw the torches and heard the voices of an advancing army on the warpath from the south, moving towards his home. He made his way back as quickly as he could, but he was too late; he returned only to find everything destroyed by the army under Thrane’s banner, en route to reinforce troops besieging the Aundair city of Thaliost. The unit was led by the infamous dragonborn general, Pangeon Wyrmeye, who Morgue never forgot. The ruins of the town remain in Thrane’s borders to this day.

Morgue took the role of an avenger of injustice, and sought to atone for the doings of his dark side and his abandonment of his home when they needed him most. To do this, he had to resort to the side of him he most feared: the primal killer that dwelt within.

Morgue was killed in the second level of the Shadowfell Keep on Lharvion 24, 998 YK, when he was assaulted by two hobgoblin soldiers while protecting weaker companions further down the hall behind him. His last words were “Screw the opposite!” …whatever that means.


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