Korgel Blackblade

The troll commander of the Flayer Guard in Graywall. Well-known for his ferocity in battle, but was killed by Lagraa and Rorgash in battle (DECEASED, 999 YK)


Korgel Blackblade was a war troll of terrifying skill and power, who wields a magic greatsword forged by the legendary blacksmith of Graywall, Szalas Jal. As supreme commander of the Flayer Guard, he was placed in charge of guarding the Deep Door beneath the city when the Content Not Found: impure-prince began to take action.

While exploring the depths of the Deep Door with the Eclipse Collective, he located the Impure Prince’s phylactery but came under his psychic influence. Korgel was killed by Rorgash “the Calm” and Lagraa when they learned what was happening after a long and bloody battle.


Korgel Blackblade

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