Khedive Hisein Tala'at

Hedonistic and self-obsessed marid khedive, who participated in the four-way conflict over Zenzatun in the lost city of Illandyano. Made many tempting offers, but was killed by the party (DECEASED, 1001 YK)



Yagmur is a rare example of a genie who comes from Eberron. Dwelling in a palace beneath the sea, he took the title of khedive, or “viceroy,” serving in some divided parcel of ocean under an unnamed greater sovereign. Like many of his kind, Yagmur had little care for wealth, but was mainly interested instead in titles and accomplishments. When he heard that Yagmur Reis, Khatun Makra jin Karima, and Sardar Sa’ida Dewan al-Zaman were fighting to open Zenzatun (or keep it closed), he became involved solely for the goal of claiming the accomplishment of having won.

Because of his vast resources and only marginal care for his actual wealth, he made many very tempting offers to the two adventuring parties present at this time (the Eclipse Collective and the Evening Star Company), as well as Paddy Grimm‘s pirate crew. Though all accepted at first, they would also later turn on him, and it was the Eclipse Collective working with Paddy Grimm that ultimately killed Hisein in his Chronocracy-inspired pleasure dome at the bottom of one of Eberron’s oceans.


Khedive Hisein Tala'at

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