Khatun Makra jin Karima

Dao Khatun (conqueror, or female equivalent of a khan) in Illandyano, fighting for control of the city with an army of elementals, genasi, and slaves. Killed by the party (DECEASED, 1001 YK)



Makra’s history goes back to a time that most would consider ancient history, when, in the plane of Lamannia, dozens of factions of minor dao warlords battled for control of a mountain range many times more vast than any found on Eberron. Initially the weakest of these warlords, Makra saw fit to bide her time, making careful alliances while she slowly massed an army of slaves capable of taking over her neighbours. From there, her enemies began to fall like dominoes until she had conquered the entire mountain range, and earned the title of Khatun: “conqueror.”

But Makra was not interested in the land. She was interested in only two things: slaves and wealth. It is no surprise, then, that she was unsatisfied at the end of her conquest, and set her sights to the horizon. Her unending greed brought her to Illandyano in Kythri, which by pure accident she discovered was no longer protected by a barrier. Here she sought the countless priceless treasures said to be within, only to be stalled by her longtime rival, the djinni Yagmur Reis.

Khatun Makra endeavoured for a while to make slaves out of the Eclipse Collective when they sought her help in finding Zitholt, whom she had taken as a slave but ridden herself of. She was the first genie that they killed, with the final blow delivered by Girrrth Thicktrunk. The wealth she had brought with her — a fraction of her true wealth — was taken and distributed among the party.


Khatun Makra jin Karima

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