Ilivarra Kezzarn

Matriarch of the Vulkoori drow on Kapaerian Island, just north of Xen'drik.


Ilivarra Kezzarn is the matriarch of the Kapaerian Island tribe of Vulkoori. The Kapaerian Vulkoori are staunch traditionalists with a very strict dedication to the scorpion-god Vulkoor, and even gave rise to one of the four chosen of Vulkoor, called the Sting of Vulkoor.

She has an ongoing feud with Nezethet, leader of the Ashnazga githyanki on the island. She also reveres Xulgos Adinimys as another chosen of Vulkoor (the Eye of Vulkoor), and has deferred leadership to him while he is in the presence of the tribe.

Aside from her duties as matriarch, Ilivarra also wields divine power as a priestess of Vulkoor.


Ilivarra Kezzarn

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