Haroun Sepah-Salaar

An efreet who acted as the military leader of the Sultan of the City of Brass' armies. Killed by Tandi and Namfoodle when he tried resisting Levistus' occupation of the City (DECEASED, 1001 YK).



Haroun was an efreet who, for roughly one hundred years, served as the commander-in-chief of the armies of Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan, the ruler of the City of Brass. Though Haroun lived in the Palace of Cinders, he spent most of his time in the Long Castle, the home of the city guard.

The party first met him after ataz-bal (the frozen prison of Levistus, the Bringer of Ice) arrived on Fernia after being cast out of Risia by Zan-kyri‘s Frozen Colossus. He sought counsel with Vizier Rajid al-Zaham bin Rajid, who was actually Atrava the Frozen in disguise. The “Vizier” suggested that the shell the efreeti had built around the ataz-bal to keep its power from bleeding out could be hardened against decay by putting it into the fires of the Sultan’s Breath, the massive fountain of purple fire that burned outside of the Palace. Haroun asked the party to see it done discreetly, as the sultan did not approve of the plan.

This turned out to be disastrous, and Haroun was not seen again until after Atrava killed the sultan and took control of the palace. Haroun immediately began rallying a resistance, much to Atrava’s ire. The rakshasa paid Tandi Warmmantle and Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle with healing and information to kill Haroun. The two of them infiltrated the Long Castle and killed him.


Haroun Sepah-Salaar

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