Drokkroth "the Dreambreaker"

Dracolich, exiled sorcerer-king of an ancient Sarlonan kingdom who bartered with the quori for his lichdom. Sought the Rod of Order to restore his power (DECEASED, 1000 YK)


Early Life

In around -1000 YK, Drokkroth was born a silver dragon in Argonnessen. A rebellious youth with a fascination for human ways, Drokkroth assumed a human form and fled to Sarlona at a young age. At this time, the continent was dominated by twelve kingdoms, built from city-states consolidated from a previous era. One of the kingdoms, Corvagura, was known for its powerful sorcerer-kings. At the time Drokkroth arrived, it was under the rule of a very old but strong sorcerer-king who accepted Drokkroth into his court. When that king died, an internal power struggle began, culminating with Drokkroth seizing the throne as the sorcerer-king of Corvagura.

Drokkroth lived hundreds of years as the sorcerer-king of Corvagura, wielding the Rod of Order as his symbol of office and, rarely, a tool of warfare. He has not specified where he obtained the implement, but he is one of the oldest known users of the artifact.

Pact with the Quori

Around 1,500 years ago, Corvagura was in the midst of a 200-year-long war with two other kingdoms, Khunan and Ohr Khaluun, when it faced some sort of threat from the quori. Drokkroth has not been specific about the nature of this threat, but it was so grave that his kingdom faced utter ruin. Believing all to be lost, he forged an agreement with the quori that allowed him to learn a great many of their secrets. He became what he calls a dreambreath dracolich, a unique kind of dracolich sustained not by necromantic magic, but instead by the dreamstuff of Dal Quor.

As time went on, Drokkroth carved out a small section of Taer Lian Doresh (an abandoned coliseum) to dwell in. As Taer Lian Doresh exists simultaneously in Eberron and in Dal Quor, it was the only place where he could be at full power. Outside of the Fortress of Fading Dreams, he could only assume his human form or his dracolich form. He earned a reputation, and came to be called the “Dreambreaker,” though Drokkroth hated that epithet.


Drokkroth’s pact with the quori had always been a sore point for him. He made the agreement only out of necessity, but came to feel he could break free of it. Pretending to represent quori interests, he came to Shaelas Tiraleth to seek the Rod of Order, but his intentions were never to return it to the hands of the quori. Instead, he wished to use it to rebuild his lost kingdom.

The Eclipse Collective retrieved the Rod of Order from Grandir Shan Tiraleth’s dream, and Drokkroth attempted to barter for it. However, as he was unwilling to yield on his position that High King Shaeras Vadallia be killed for sliding towards quori influence, the party ended up fighting Drokkroth in his coliseum and killing him.


Drokkroth "the Dreambreaker"

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