Darin d'Lyrandar

A dragonmarked scion of House Lyrandar who acts as the party's representative in managing the West Khorvaire Trading Company's day-to-day affairs.



House Lyrandar

Darin d’Lyrandar bears the Mark of Storms, the dragonmark of House Lyrandar, to which he belongs. He was born in Wroat and raised in the Windwrights Guild, though by the time he reached his teens it was clear he had no skill or interest in piloting or crewing watercraft.

Darin preferred numbers and business, but these sorts of roles were generally handled by the non-dragonmarked members of House Lyrandar, and his family was staunchly against him pursuing a business with less prestige and lower pay. Darin gradually grew estranged from his family and eventually his House, instead taking to handling smaller investments and trading ventures in and around Wroat and Sharn.

South Khorvaire Trading Company

In Sypheros of 999 YK, Zil’dejin Firebane and Xulgos Adinimys built a harbour in the Eclipse Keep to lay the foundations for the South Khorvaire Trading Company (originally the West Khorvaire Trading Company). Though the prospect of a trading company appealed to them, they had little desire to actually run the day-to-day of it, and so visited nearby Wroat to hire a manager to act on their behalf. Darin was referred to them as the best agent available, and the only scion of House Lyrandar who would do it despite the conflict of interest with his House.

They contracted him, and for a cut of the profits he ran the company from his office in Wroat until he went back to Stormhome for unknown reasons.


Darin d'Lyrandar

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