Cryonax, the Endless Winter

A Rakshasa Rajah, or Demon Overlord, associated with ice and cold. He is imprisoned in Risia, where he still enjoys a surprising level of power.


One of the 30 supremely powerful Rakshasa Rajahs (or Demon Overlords) that ruled the world in prehistory, Cryonax, better known as the “Endless Winter” is associated with ice and cold. This is only slightly different from Levistus’ portfolio of winter and famine, and often brought the two into power struggles; this occurred even recently, when Levistus’ prison briefly occupied the same plane as Cryonax’s.


Cryonax’s prison is found on Risia, the Plain of Ice, though its exact nature and appearance are unknown. He is known to be located on Risia’s north pole, and despite his imprisonment manages to command an entire army of elementals and demons that act on his behalf, dominating the majority of Risia’s northern hemisphere.


It is not currently known who Cryonax’s prakhutu is.

Cryonax, the Endless Winter

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