Captain Kqrush Bigarm

Captain of the Toob, a cylindrical interplanar vessel. Wields an absurdly oversized steel gauntlet as a weapon and apparently has the ability to resurrect himself.



Captain Kqrush Bigarm is the captain of the cylindrical interplanar vessel called the Toob. The crew of the Toob are pirates of some notoriety, and are normally found drifting through Siberys.

His origins are unknown, as are those of his vessel. Somehow Kqrush came to captain the Toob, and started wielding his signature weapon: absurdly over-sized armour covering his arm. He is fond of one-on-one contests and will fight anybody for just about anything. Kqrush also has the ability to immediately return to life after being killed. Conlon Ostrennar was not able to determine exactly what this ability was, but decided that it was something innate to Kqrush’s person.

During the party’s stay in Fernia, Conlon fought Kqrush in order to borrow his crew to repair the Phoenix Eclipse. Conlon won and Kqrush’s crew was as good as their word.


Captain Kqrush Bigarm

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