Baelin Bronzesmith

Former leader of the Dawntreaders mercenary group, and mentor to Zil'dejin (Deceased, 9?? YK)


Few details exist regarding Baelin’s early life, or how he came to lead the Dawntreaders mercenary company during the Last War. Some dwarves of Clan Kolkarun in the Mror Holds claim that Baelin was one of their own before leaving the mountains and taking on a western name.

Baelin’s mercenary exploits were well-known during the Last War, and his company was regarded as one of Cyre‘s greatest. Baelin took on the young dragonborn Zil’dejin Firebane as his student, and taught him a great deal about many things, including tactics, strategy, the history of war.

Baelin was killed by an assassin, stabbed through the heart by a black sword. It would later come to light that this was none other than the Shadowsword, wielded by Mordakhesh. Baelin was Blooded, on the verge of Mythic Ascension to become a living part of the Draconic Prophecy. Mordakhesh intended to use him as the sacrifice needed for the Rite of Assembly of the Staff of Three Dragons. Baelin avoided this fate, so Mordakhesh simply killed him in retaliation.

Baelin Bronzesmith

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