Atrava the Frozen

Rakshasa prakhutu, or "honored servant" of Levistus, the Bringer of Ice.



Atrava is a rakshasa, a race of fiend-touched creatures who once ruled Eberron beneath the Demon Overlords. She is a type of white-furred rakshasa called ak’chazar, meaning something like “loner” among her people.

Though her precise history is unknown, Atrava is known to be the prakhutu of Levistus, the Bringer of Ice. This gives her the distinction of being the first among Levistus’ servants, and the only one to be capable of consistent contact with the Overlord, acting on his behalf as his speaker.

Unlike many of her kin, Atrava does not often assume disguises. Instead, she prefers to bring targets to within an inch of their lives, and then take control of their bodies to carry out her schemes that way. This is precisely what she did for about a decade in the guise of Vizier Rajid al-Zaham bin Rajid of the City of Brass, securing her position for an attempted takeover in Levistus’ name.

Freezing the City of Brass

Atrava’s opportunity would come considerably later, when the Eclipse Collective arrived in Fernia. Using the body of Vice Harbringer and the prison of Levistus — which had been thrown into the City of Brass by Zan-kyri using the Frozen Colossus — Atrava assassinated Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan and began her grab for power in the sultan’s absence.

Drawing on Levistus’ power, Atrava sealed the Palace of Cinders in a shell of ice while resistance forces rallied under Haroun Sepah-Salaar. When Tandi and Namfoodle came to the palace after killing Jhulae Ssambra, Atrava requested that they then assassinate the Haroun. They did so, which further secured Atrava’s position.

She later appeared on the moon of Vult, interested in discovering more about Iadoes’ twice-Demonmarked condition, and in securing his loyalty with his newly-established Mark of Ice. Iadoes refused to put another shard of Levistus in his body and fled.

Atrava was forced out of Fernia when Levistus’ prison was removed from the City of Brass by Rilic Balendal, who used the residual power of the Staff of Three Dragons to undo some of the Eclipse Collective’s collateral damage.


Atrava the Frozen

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