The Hands that Move the World

Risia IV: Sha - Bondbreakers

Aryth 26, 999 YK

Back in the nomad camp, the party talks with the nomad chief and his shaman, Kuori. They find out a bit more about the lands around the Winter Sea and some horrible change that has come about recently which has caused the corruption of many of the goliaths. These rogue nomads have formed a new clan called the “Bondbreakers.” Chief Kavaki Oreblood agrees to guide the party to Zan, Zan-kyri’s ancestral Domain, if they help out with the Bondbreaker problem first.

The Bondbreakers were last seen around the genasi Domain of Sha, so that is where the party heads.

Vult 2, 999 YK

Conlon distributes rations poorly on the trek but Xulgos’ scouting and Kavaki’s guidance shaves a few days off the trip, and they arrive at Sha in four days. They find the city almost completely deserted, but there is evidence of recent goliath activity. Searching for food to replace their lost rations, Kavaki and Xulgos come across a greenhouse with trees imported from Thelanis, while Zil’dejin, Zan-kyri and Conlon find a warehouse full of meat. Attempting to cook some of it, they draw the attention of Bondbreakers, and a fight breaks out.

Xulgos and Kavaki arrive later in the battle and a Bondbreaker is taken prisoner. They note the markings on the Bondbreaker to be similar to those found on Derli and Xulgos during their balor possession, so Conlon and Zan-kyri perform a procedure similar to what they used before to suppress the demonic influence on this goliath. He regains lucidity, and identifies himself as Karrak. His useful information is limited, but they find out some things: the Bondbreakers worship some kind of ice god, and they have taken a prisoner in Sha.

Experience Gained: 2080 (800 from skill challenge, 1280 for combat)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Zan-kyri, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Kavaki Oreblood



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