Adventure Log

Act I — Heroic

Prologue (Lharvion 15, 998 YK – Lharvion 16, 998 YK)

A disgraced elven hunter, a drunken ex-mercenary, and a justice-seeking thief take their first steps towards becoming heroes.

Chapter 1: Shadowfell Keep (Lharvion 17, 998 YK – Lharvion 23, 998 YK)

Chapter 2: The Golden Claw (Barrakas 9, 998 YK – Barrakas 10, 998 YK)

A new, wealthy patron offers to sponsor the party, but first demands they pass a trial: retrieving the treasure of a band of gnolls holed up in an ancient ruin.

Chapter 3: Thunderspire Labyrinth and the Rod of Order (Barrakas 10, 998 YK – Barrakas 17, 998 YK)

Chapter 4: The Road to the Reaches (Barrakas 18, 998 YK – Sypheros 10, 998 YK)

Chapter 5: The Chaos Gear and the Siege of Wroat (Sypheros 10, 998 YK – Sypheros 17, 998 YK)

Though they have retrieved the Chaos Gear, the Collective is betrayed by Artauche. They must stop him from destroying the city of Wroat.

Act II — Paragon

Chapter 6: The Mournland and the Magebred (Barrakas 9, 999 YK – Rhaan 6, 999 YK)

With the world facing the looming threat of invading devils, the Collective starts raising an army. To earn the aid of Breland, they must venture into the dead grey Mournland to seek the crown jewels of a fallen kingdom, but to their surprise, a new kingdom has taken its place…

Chapter 7: The Seed of Corruption (Rhaan 6, 999 YK – Rhaan 14, 999 YK)

A detour by Garmeth Shitorai turns to disaster as a plan by his former master is set in motion, ravaging an entire monastery irreparably.

Chapter 8: Kapaerian Island and the Ruins of Scora Bael (Rhaan 15, 999 YK – Sypheros 25, 999 YK)

To earn the aid of Thrane in the upcoming invasion, the Eclipse Collective investigates rumours of miraculous sightings on a volcanic island in Xen’drik, discovering a long-forgotten threat and a many-sided conflict.

Chapter 9: Graywall (Aryth 1, 999 YK – Aryth 16, 999 YK)

Taking a new tack, the Collective seeks military support in the monstrous nation of Droaam, where they become embroiled in the troubles faced by the border city of Graywall and its illithid governor Xorchylic.

Chapter 10: Fields of Ice (Aryth 26, 999 YK – Vult 20, 999 YK)

After fighting a great demon, the party is cast into the plane of Kythri and trapped there. To escape, they must resolve the disaster that has swept Zan-kyri’s ancestral home of Risia.

Chapter 11: Do High Kings Dream of Arcane Horses? (Vult 20, 999 YK – Zarantyr 22, 1000 YK)

Looking now to the arrogant elves of Valenar, the Eclipse Collective is called to aid High King Shaeras Vadallia’s quest to discover why he dreams, and learn more about the great cataclysm that was the Day of Mourning.

Chapter 12: The Thirteenth Clan (Zarantyr 23, 1000 YK – Zarantyr 28, 1000 YK)

By the time Derli d’Kundarak returns to his home of the Mror Holds, internal conflict has taken the clans. Derli’s father has begun an ambitious plan to create a new dominant clan, using forbidden powers.

Chapter 13: The Infernal War (Olarune 1, 1000 YK – Olarune 9, 1000 YK)

At long last, the devils invade from the pseudo-plane of Baator. The Starpeaks Alliance marches bravely into the breach to meet them.

Act III — Epic

Chapter 14: A Promise of Fire (Zarantyr 6, 1001 YK – Zarantyr 11, 1001 YK)

An attack on the Eclipse Keep leads to the party becoming briefly lost in the desert, which in turn leads to the revelation of a plot by the Sulatar that threatens to bathe the world in fire.

Chapter 15: Blood Ties (Zarantyr 18, 1001 YK – Zarantyr 28, 1001 YK)

Zil’dejin returns to Q’barra for the first time since infancy to investigate rumours of his brother. The Collective is brought to face a menace that has threatened the dragonborn for millennia.

Chapter 16: Things Left Behind (Olarune 1, 1001 YK – Therendor 6, 1001 YK)

The abduction of Nimozaran the Green leads to the unveiling of a mind flayer plot to kidnap sages of Eberron in pursuit of long-lost knowledge in a mysterious ruin on the moon of Vult.

Chapter 17: The Coming Storm (Eyre 1, 1001 YK – Eyre 5, 1001 YK)

To get their keep back, the Eclipse Collective must travel again to Kythri, where they become embroiled in a conflict between four powerful genie lords and a strange monastery over a ruined city.

Chapter 18: Ascension (Dravago 1, 1001 YK – Nymm 1, 1001 YK)

In order to transcend their mortal limitations and become living parts of the Draconic Prophecy, each member of the Eclipse Collective must Ascend and take their place among the Hands that Move the World.

Act IV — Mythic

Chapter 19: Deepest Darkness (Eyre 1, 1002 YK – Eyre 11, 1002 YK)

After almost a year of waiting, the atropal Zenza emerges from its cocoon. The Eclipse Collective must either deal with the abomination, relying on an uneasy alliance with their greatest enemy, or prepare for the end of the world. They must first find a powerful entity of undeath, and seek out the legendary Lichlord…

Chapter 20: Judicium Mortis (Eyre 25, 1002 YK – Dravago 7, 1002 YK)

The Eclipse Collective continues in their efforts to defeat the atropals, now doubled in intensity since they have freed Suhnen. To acquire a power over death, they seek out Charon, the Horseman of War, who is struggling with a rogue harbinger.

Chapter 21: Ordinance (Dravago 7, 1002 YK – Nymm 8, 1002 YK)

Over the years, the Eclipse Collective has drawn the eyes of the inevitables, a strange race of beings that maintain cosmic order and law. The inevitables have given the Collective one month to prepare, and have vowed that they will try to destroy them utterly at the end of this time period.

Chapter 22: Timeout (Nymm 8, 1002 YK – Lharvion 8, 1002 YK)

Frequent abuse of chronomancy has empowered the Phane, the time-spawned abomination freed by Zil’dejin. To harm it and to protect themselves, the party must gather items of value to themselves in alternate realities before challenging the Phane itself.

Chapter 23: Total Eclipse (Lharvion 8, 1002 YK – Barrakas 18, 1002 YK)

Many loose ends await resolution by the Eclipse Collective as the world descends into war, and the plans of Mordakhesh the Shadowsword begin to come to fruition. Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War is soon to be freed, and the world will descend into war.


Exeunt omnes.

The Hands that Move the World

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