“A dreadful place, in my opinion. Nothing but ruins and monsters and danger. Not the place for a civilized man, but I am sure it will suit you well.”
High Cardinal Krozen to the Eclipse Collective

Xen’drik is the continent south of Khorvaire. It was home to Eberron’s first mortal civilization in the Age of Giants, and though these inhabitants are all but gone now, their ruins remain.

Until only very recently, Xen’drik was essentially lawless, and a haven for pirates of all kinds. About a century ago, the Five Nations began launching large-scale expeditions into the continent, turning away the pirates and raising the city of Stormreach, now the de facto capital of Khorvaire civilization on the otherwise unsettled continent.

Stormreach hardly contains the only inhabitants of Xen’drik, however. The drow make their home here, as do the remaining (and mostly savage) giants, and many others. The ruins and civilizations here contain a wealth of forgotten knowledge and treasures, and most of the continent is still unexplored, making it a very attractive prospect for adventurers. Organizations like the Wayfinder Foundation and Morgrave University in Sharn have dedicated a great deal of resources to exploratory missions here.


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