Capital of Breland – Population: 162,000

Wroat, a great walled city, surrounds the shores of the Howling River, just a few miles east of where the Howling River meets the Dagger River. The city was built in a place where the river widens, so that the city lines not only both banks but also occupies an island that the city founders constructed in the middle of the river. Brokenblade Castle, the Citadel, and the walls and bridges of the city can be seen from a great distance, and while Wroat isn’t as spectacular as Sharn, it makes an impression on all who come to visit or trade.

Notable Locations

Brokenblade Castle – reputed to be initially constructed on orders from King Galifar I (after the battle that accounts for the “broken blade” legend for which the castle is named).
Brokenblade Castle contains royal apartments, garrisons, armouries, kitchens, and other rooms and features necessary to keep the palace in full operation. King Boranel spends two-thirds of every year traveling, so his brother Kor ir’Wynarn oversees the castle when not attending to his responsibilities at the King’s Citadel.

The Citadel – shares the name with Breland’s elite military service. Takes the form of a large obsidian tower with offices, training areas, etc. that house the group.
Morgrave University – not the main campus (that is found in Sharn), but still a large campus dedicate to the pursuit more of study than adventure. Takes less of a “rough and tumble” approach than the Sharn campus.

Galifar Museum – located on the north bank of the river. A large museum dedicated to housing relics and knowledge from the Kingdom of Galifar.

Parliament Hall – a building for both branches of the parliament to meet and act as Breland’s legislature. These branches, the elected and the noble, usually work in concert with the crown but clashes are known to happen. Besides the two meeting halls (which can be combined into one where necessary), the hall contains offices and accommodations for legislators and diplomatic personages.

The Shattered Sword – The most popular tavern in Wroat. Located in the southeastern plaza, it is run by a talkative woman named Joherra.

House Medani Enclave – a large complex which is as close as House Medani has to a central base of operations. Baron Trelib d’Medani, the head of the house, lives here for most of the year. The enclave also hosts the Tower of Inquisition, where Taldor d’Medani, leader of the Basilisk’s Gaze, is often found.

Street of Worship – the main features of this street are the two massive churches to the Sovereign Host and the Silver Flame, though other smaller temples exist as well, mostly to honour individual Sovereigns, and some other lesser sects as well.

Eclipse Square – At the end of the Street of Worship is Eclipse Square, formerly Silver Square. This is where the Eclipse Collective fought and defeated Remelius Artauche in 998 YK. After the incident, King Boranel commissioned statues of the members of the Collective involved in the fight, including Zil’dejin Firebane, Stahlstrauss, Garmeth Shitorai, Zan-kyri and Marlamin Tarmikos.


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