“Glory to the Silver Flame.”
– Thrane national motto


Population: 9,200,000
Ruler: Queen Diani ir’Wynarn / Keeper of the Flame Jaela Daran

One of the original Five Nations, Thrane is now a nation dominated by theology. Desperate to show the world the light of the Silver Flame, one is more likely to encounter a missionary from Thrane than a farmer.


King Thalin ir’Wynarn, last true monarch of Thrane, died in 914 YK. This was a great tragedy for the nation in the midst of an even greater one: the Last War. Intense internal conflict arose almost overnight, with most of the Thrane people actively rallying against Thalin’s only heir, Dalin, who they believed weak and unworthy of his father’s throne. In the midst of this conflict, the Church of the Silver Flame stepped forward to assume total control.

Society & Culture

Now, the Church’s power is absolute in Thrane. Though the monarchy still exists, it is only a figurehead position, and the blood regents, like the current Queen Diani ir’Wynarn, have no real power. Other religions are tolerated here to an extent, most find themselves oppressed in some way, from the subtle distaste for the Sovereign Host to the outright hatred of most foreign faiths, such as Elf Religion. The Voice of the Flame passes to its people rules of behaviour, religious rituals and practices, and general guidelines for living life, and its adherents obey without question.

Because the Church of the Silver Flame rules Thrane, the official head of state could be said to be the Keeper of the Flame, who interprets the will of the Voice of the Flame on behalf of the Purified.


Thrane’s chief exports are fine crafts, wool, textiles, missionaries, fruit, and livestock.


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