Temporal Prime

The Temporal Prime is not a true plane, but more of a physical abstraction of time flowing across Eberron. The interior of the plane consists of tunnels constructed of crystal, filled with mist-smoke that flows like viscous (but breathable) fluid. The tunnels branch endlessly reflecting the flow of time across countless realities, and the crystal walls reflect limitless possibilities. Beyond the crystal tunnels is a space without time, appearing as an endless white desert with an unbroken, sunless blue sky.

Access to the Temporal Prime requires special magic and preparation, normally relying on the use of slipgates. Travel is dangerous, and spending more than one subjective day inside can be disastrous. In most cases, magic is also required to exit the Temporal Prime, though there are sometimes portals leading to major world events in certain timelines.


  • No Gravity: Visitors to the Temporal Prime can float about freely by their own will in the viscous mist-smoke, but are still subject to the flowing of time in the tunnels.
  • Variable Time: The flow of time in the Temporal Prime is made physical in the flow of mist-smoke through the tunnel. Propelling oneself forward in the flow accelerates aging and perception of time, while moving backwards can slow or even reverse one’s individual perception of time, causing a regression in aging.


  • Temporal crawlers, man-sized black spiders with silver hourglass-shaped patches. Capable of casting webs that slow subjective time.
  • Temporal dogs, cousins to blink dogs. Large dogs with a natural ability to accelerate their own timelines.
  • Temporal gliders, giant creatures resembling manta rays that glide through the tunnels and can move freely through timelines. They are sometimes used as mounts by enterprising individuals. Taming a temporal glider requires mental assertion of will and constant nonlethal force, and runs the would-be tamer great risk of falling into a disjointed timeline in the process.
  • Temporal stalkers, among the most feared inhabitants of the Temporal Prime. Sometimes called “time ghosts,” temporal stalkers are the shadowy undead remains of those who have become lost in time. Their touch can cause paradoxes, or drain time away from their victims’ lifelines.
  • Time dimensionals, the Temporal Prime’s equivalent of elementals. The time dimensionals are an embodiment of time. Smaller ones are considered common, often accompanied by larger ones referred to as “noble.” Occasionally, huge dimensionals, called “royals” are seen. A time dimensional’s touch causes rapid aging and cell death, which is difficult to recover.
  • Time flayers, a mysterious race of apparent humanoids who live in the Temporal Prime and can move freely about it. Occasionally carry out raids within the demiplane.
  • Vortex spiders, larger, stronger cousins of temporal crawlers.

Temporal Prime

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