Taer Valaestas

Valenar Capital City — Population: 38,000

The elves of the Valaes Tairn first set foot on the soil of Khorvaire thousands of years ago. They sought adventure and glory, and they hoped to find challenges worthy of the heroes of Xen’drik. There were no giants on the southwestern shore, but they found goblins aplenty. The Tairnadal elves welcomed war with the Empire of Dhakaan, and for decades hobgoblin and bugbear matched wits and steel with the warrior elves. It took the call of a greater conflict to draw the Valaes Tairn back to Aerenal — the clash of elf and dragon. When the forces of Argonnessen attacked Aerenal, the Tairnadal abandoned their holdings in Khorvaire and returned to their island home.

Many who deal with the elves of Valenar know this story, since it forms the foundation of High King Shaeras Vadallia‘s claim to the land. Vadallia asserts that his ancestors held their current territory before humans ever laid eyes on Khorvaire, and he is prepared to defend this claim with sword and spell. Politicians can debate the rights of the Valenar, but the presence of the Valaes Tairn in distant times has never been in question. The elves may have abandoned the land, but they left their taers behind. Now those fortresses have been restored, and Taer Valaestas is the heart of Vadallia’s kingdom.

The Valaes Tairn have little love for cities. But every kingdom needs a throne, and High King Vadallia has his seat in Taer Valaestas. Located in the center of the kingdom, Taer Valaestas is a city built for war. Towers and walls formed of stone and densewood are designed to resist fi re and force. In addition to the royal palace, outposts of most of the dragonmarked houses, and a marketplace where foreigners come to sell their wares, Taer Valaestas contains the primary temple of the Keepers of the Past and a vast arena used for training, races, and other displays of equestrian skill.


Taer Valaestas

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