Also called “The Endless Night,” Mabar is a plane best left untouched by outsiders.

Stories abound as to what actually lies within, as few can claim to have ventured into its depths and returned, though it is known to be a realm of the purest darkness where any spark of light is devoured. Mabar is also strongly associated with death, and its dark energies are frequently used in more powerful necromantic rituals used to raise undead; it is for this reason that the Blood of Vol often builds monasteries and other worship sites on manifest zones (much as they do for Dolurrh).


Mabar has the following traits:

  • Minor negative-dominant: Living creatures in Mabar without sufficient protection are slowly destroyed by the negative energy.
  • Enhanced magic: Spells using necrotic energy are cast at 2 higher spell levels (if possible).
  • Impeded magic: Spells using radiant energy, as well as healing spells, require a save to cast or the slot is lost.


  • The most numerous of mabar’s inhabitants by far are the daemons, sometimes called “yugoloths”
  • Many shadow creatures come from here as well, such as barghests, bodaks, and shadow mastiffs
  • Xeg-yi, creatures of pure negative energy
  • Numerous undead creatures are found here

Effects on the Material Plane

When Mabar is coterminous with Eberron, a (usually brief) period occurs called the Winterhaunt. When this occurs, natural shadows become much darker and colder, and nights become longer and far more forbidding. Necrotic powers are empowered, and the undead become easier to raise, while healing is harder to access and radiant powers are weakened.

During the Winterhaunt of 998 YK, Kalarel attempted to break old rift to Mabar and use the resulting dark power to raise a legion of undead in the name of the Blood of Vol. His efforts were foiled by the Eclipse Collective, however, and the rift in the Shadowfell Keep remains closed.


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