Lords of Dust

Every follower of the Silver Flame has heard the tale of the Serpent and the Demon. In 299 YK, a terrible force was unleashed in Thrane, and all manner of fiends flocked from the shadows to venerate this dark lord. However, before the mighty demon could completely free itself from its bonds, the paladin Tira Miron appeared, accompanied by a feathered serpent with rainbow plumage. The mighty fiend, as it turned out, could not be slain. The best that could be hoped was to put it in secure bonds again, and this Tira did at the cost of her own life. Through her sacrifice, humanity learned of the Silver Flameā€”the force that has held the fiend lords at bay since the most ancient of days.

Few people know the full history of these demons, however. In the first age, Khyber gave birth to a host of fiends. The rakshasas were the least of these, while the mightiest were demon lords with unique powers and abilities that made them like gods. These archfiends ruled over the lesser spirits and became known as the rakshasa rajahs. In time, a combined force of dragons and couatls defeated these demons, with the mightiest among them bound by the Silver Flame. The weaker spirits slipped through the net, however. Immortal and cunning, they have had tens of thousands of years to plot and scheme. Some seek to free their ancient masters from imprisonment (this was how the fiend lord held beneath the Tamor Hills in Thrane escaped his bonds). Others seek to seize the power of the imprisoned rajahs for their own. Finally, some simply take pleasure in spreading chaos and pain, playing with mortal civilizations like a child plays with dolls. These are the Lords of Dust.

The Lords of Dust are cunning shapeshifters, and their plans (often unfolding over centuries) are difficult for mortals to fathom. The best advice one can take when dealing with the Lords of Dust is to be wary and trust nothing: These ancient fiends favor illusion and deception above all.

It is particularly difficult to determine whether the Lords of Dust are involved in a given intrigue or adventure, since their motivations are so obscure and their methods so subtle. However, if ancient and powerful magic is involved, if your enemies seem utterly ruthless or wildly chaotic, or if you find yourself lost in an endlessly tangled web of subterfuge, you might be dealing with the Lords of Dust.

Lords of Dust

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