House Thuranni

Mark of Shadow. 25 years old.
Race: Elf.
Heraldic beast: Displacer beast.
Month/Moon: Sypheros (Mid-autumn, ~October, tenth moon).

Like its parent, House Phiarlan, House Thuranni is in entertainment business. The members left Aerenal and travelled to Khorvaire around the time of the destruction of House Vol. While not public knowledge, they do a large amount of their business through subterfuge and assassinations.

Dragonmark Abilities: power over illusion, deception and scrying.

House Thuranni is an elven dragonmarked house which was once a part of House Phiarlan and has become their direct rivals, competing in entertainment and espionage. House Thuranni is the youngest of the dragonmarked houses and lives a double life; to the public they are artists, entertainers and beautiful courtiers. However, that is far from the truth. House Phiarlan is still larger and stronger than House Thuranni, leading the way in information gathering and spying. However, there is one field that House Thuranni surpasses their cousins: assassinations.


House Thuranni, like House Phiarlan, possesses the Mark of Shadow, a dragonmark associated with illusion, deception, and of course, shadow.

Notable Members

House Thuranni

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