Necropolis – Population: ?

The obsidian citadel of Hopelorn is a sprawling city of the dead, located in a hidden location in Mabar, the Endless Night. It is ruled by Mellifleur and his nine-member Cabal. The dead, including ghosts, zombies, and skeletons, stalk the silent streets, lit by the hellish red hue shed by the sarcophagi nested in the dark buildings. It is a sanctuary for powerful necromancers and an eternal prison for the undead.

Entry to the citadel requires a sacrifice of sufficient import to attract the attention of the Cabal, who will then provide petitioners with an audience. However, Mellifleur rarely reacts pleasantly to petitioners, especially the living, and has a history of torturing and enslaving those who attempt it.

Notable Locations

  • The Circle of Silent Screams — The seat of Mellifleur’s Cabal is located here, in this keep built to resemble a skull. The Petitioning Hall is a circular chamber surrounded by seats for each of the nine members of the Cabal, above which sits Mellifleur himself.
  • Sanctums — each member of Mellifleur’s Cabal has a sanctum within the city.
    • Daroon’s Sanctum — a piece of the palace Daroon built during his life to carry out his research in peace. A large piece of it seems to have been haphazardly transported to the middle of Hopelorn, where he has set up a throne.
    • Reisser’s Sanctum — a splendid manse of marble, ivory, and silver. Has a very ancient look and feel, but is well cared-for. Was well stocked with living bodies for Reisser to feed upon, but the fate of these “blood puppets” is unknown following the coup against Mellifleur.
    • The Weeping Widow’s Sanctum — a manor house, blending architectural styles from Khorvaire and Aerenal, apparently meant to mimic the house the Widow lived in in life. The house is surrounded by gardens and fountains that are dead and dry, but are still carefully manicured.
    • Zogugbu’s Sanctum — the only building in Hopelorn made of wood, Zogugbu’s sanctum is an orcish fort in miniature, resembling the type built by Gatekeepers in the Eldeen Reaches. It is surrounded by a wooden palisade wall, but the gate, and many other defensive structures, are run through with blood vessels and tendons stolen from dead aberrations and reanimated by Zogugbu.


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