Capital of Aundair – Population: 185,000

Fairhaven is the social and cultural center of Aundair as well as its capital city. Accordingly, it’s also the center of intrigue for the region and fertile ground for adventure.

Fairhaven lies near the headwaters of the Aundair River some 80 miles west of the Thrane border. City planners divide the city into a dozen wards, the most prominent of which are described below. The immense palace of Fairhold in the center of the city is practically a ward unto itself, and rare is the point in the city that doesn’t afford a view of the massive castle.

Notable Locations

Chalice Center: – a red brick plaza frequented by wealthy travelers. It contains a docking tower for airships and the lightning rail station.

Fairhold: – Queen Aurala’s palace, which takes up several acres at the heart of the city. Some if it is open to the public, such as the museum, gardens, and winery.

Tower of Eyes: – Considered a landmark by Fairhaven’s residence, this ancient alabaster tower is located in the palace of Fairhold.

Distant Exchange: – A huge, vibrant and exotic marketplace.

Sovereign Ward: – a ward dedicated to the Sovereign Host, with a sprawling temple at its core lending to its name.

Cathedral of the Silver Flame: – Now completely abandoned, this cathedral was once very impressive. Last War hostilities between Thrane and Aundair led to King Wrogar declaring its closure in 914 YK, and it has not been reopened since.

Whiteroof Ward: – This ward handles most of the city’s river shipping, and is known for its cosmopolitan half-elf population.

University of Wynarn – a university. Professor Mordecai Ayel Moriarty d’Medani taught here.

House Jorasco Citadel: – An enclave of House Jorasco healers.

Wayfinder Foundation Headquarters: Home of the continent-wide explorer society.



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