Population: 40, 500
Ruler: King Zil’dejin Firebane

Khorvaire’s newest kingdom, founded by Zil’dejin Firebane. Still in its infant stages of growth, some consider its founding and very existence to be highly controversial, as it is built in reclaimed territory in the Mournland. Though legally the building is safe, many Cyrans see it as an insult, and most of the remaining Five Nations consider much of the Mournland to be theirs by right as territory claimed during the Last War.

Eran Royal Council

Eran Holidays

The Kingdom of Eros recognizes thirteen holidays, of which twelve are fixed dates and one is variable. They include:

  • Zarantyr 1: New Years.
  • Olarune 1: Devil Days, a festival celebrating the victory of the Starpeaks Alliance during the devil invasion of 1000 YK.
  • Olarune 20: Day of Mourning, commemorating the catastrophic event of the same name.
  • Therendor 8: Day of Recompense, a day celebrating Eros’ fallen.
  • Eyre 25: End of Winter’s Wrath, celebrating the coming of spring.
  • Dravago 16: Beer Day. Self explanatory.
  • Nymm 13: King’s Day. A celebration of Zil’dejin’s birthday, though the actual date of that event is unknown.
  • Lharvion 15: Comradery Day, celebrating the Eclipse Collective’s first adventure.
  • Lharvion 28: Midsummer Festival.
  • Barrakas 10: Name Day, memorializing the day the Eclipse Collective came up with their name.
  • Rhaan 25: Fall Harvest Day.
  • Sypheros 17: Day of the Eclipse. Immortalizes the day the Eclipse Collective received ownership of the Eclipse Keep.
  • Aryth 18: Laborer’s Day, celebrating Eros’ workers.
  • Variable: Crya’s Tears, a celebration based on the lost thirteenth moon of Eberron, Crya the Dreamer. Crya’s Tears is held once every 270 days.


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