Eclipse Keep

“Rebuild it.”
– Zan-kyri, after receiving the title to the keep

Eclipse Keep is a moderately large fortress in Breland, located on a cliff a short distance west of Wroat above the Dagger River. It acts as a headquarters for the Eclipse Collective. It was renamed in 999 YK from its older name, Glyphstone Keep, after it was given to the Collective for their efforts in stopping Remelius Artauche’s invasion of Wroat.

The keep includes the following:

  • Individual quarters for the Eclipse Collective
  • Kitchen
  • A forge
  • An audience chamber/foyer combination
  • A vault
  • A library
  • A prison
  • A throne room (magically silenced to the outside world), with a secret passage behind the throne
  • Barracks for the keep’s staff and some of the Titan’s Aegis
  • Zan-kyri’s arcane laboratory
  • A large harbour extending out into the river below
  • A stable

Prior to the second wave of remodeling, the keep also had:

  • A larger library, used by Elyas and his followers
  • A spiral-shaped room intended as a monastery for the reformed Order of Labyrinths, built by Garmeth Shitorai (converted to a prison)

In the absence of the Eclipse Collective, the Eclipse Keep is overseen by the aged wizard Nimozaran the Green, whom Zil’dejin made their steward. It also provides a home for the sub-factions of the Eclipse Collective.


Glyphstone Keep was built initially in 693 YK as an active military installation. In 761 YK it was given to Onrad Artauche d’Cannith, an ancestor of Remelius and a native of Wroat, for his services to the Kingdom of Galifar (which at the time included all of Breland). As Onrad’s descendants rose to prominence in House Cannith and their fortune grew, they began to branch out from their home. In 942 YK the last Artauche living in the keep died, although it had been scarcely occupied at all for years before that.

The keep remained abandoned until around 990 YK when Remelius Artauche uncovered a secret hidden by Onrad when he was first given Glyphstone: a Creation Forge beneath the keep’s workshop. Though not active, the Creation Forge had been hidden from House Cannith during their dismantling, and was in a repairable state. Artauche used a powerful artifact called the Rod of Order to reactivate the Creation Forge and begin assembling new warforged and other, lesser constructs.

These constructs were incomplete compared to “typical” Creation Forge productions, hastily assembled and entirely dependent on the power of the Rod of Order, but they were sufficient for their intended purpose: to take over the city of Wroat. Artauche began his invasion in 998 YK, but was stopped short by the Eclipse Collective. As part of their reward, Baron Merrix d’Cannith – to whom ownership of the keep was passed on Artauche’s death – gave Glyphstone as a reward to the Eclipse Collective, who fittingly renamed it “Eclipse Keep.” They reconstructed the keep’s interior entirely on receiving it, and its current layout scarcely matches the original at all.

Eclipse Keep

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