Eclipse Collective

The Eclipse Collective is an adventuring company formed in 998 YK by the elven bowyer Tam’elanath Edroin and his employees, Zil’dejin Firebane and Morgue, in the Karrnathi town of Lakeside. In the time since its creation it has become world-famous, and is now headquartered in Eclipse Keep in Breland.

The group’s early adventures took them around Karrnath, first to Winterhaven where they stopped a priest of the Blood of Vol from opening a rift to Mabar. This brought them to the attention of the Aurum Concordian Remelius Artauche, who became the party’s sponsor and had them retrieve three artifacts while under contract (a golden claw revered by gnolls, the Rod of Order, and the Chaos Gear). Artauche eventually betrayed them and attempted to have them killed, but they triumphed over their former patron, and eventually killed him.

During a decidedly minor adventure in the Starpeaks Observatory while under employment of the Arcane Congress, the Eclipse Collective unwittingly allowed the devils of Baator to gain control of the only portal to Eberron. As a result, for a year the company’s activities mostly centered on raising an army to combat the then-forthcoming Starpeaks invasion.

In the time since, they have founded their own kingdom in Eros, created a large trading company and begun a number of successful sub-factions.


A few sub-groups have appeared that branched off the Eclipse Collective. They tend to reside in the Eclipse Keep. They are as follows:

Coals of the Sun — members of the Coalstriker clan who were given employment by the Eclipse Collective, partly in reparation for the Coalstriker Incident. They are smiths working out of Eclipse Keep’s forge.

Cult of Lharvion — a cult begun by Iadoes Lunaformer, based on the worship of the seventh moon of Eberron, Lharvion the Eye.

Hammer of Dol Dorn — a relatively small army of paladins and crusaders led by Derli d’Kundarak.

Titan’s Aegis — a small company of mercenaries previously assembled by Zil’dejin during his independent efforts at stopping the unrest in Thaliost. They were mostly obliterated during the Starpeaks Invasion, and the survivors reintegrated into other groups.

Moon’s Gate — a handful of priests worshiping Aureon who followed Elyas, believing him to be a prophet and direct conduit to their god. They maintained the Keep’s library until Elyas’ death, at which point they took many of the library’s texts and went looking for the prophet in his next incarnation. According to Varias of Lathleer, they found him, and now act as a secret order of priests who gather ancient and forgotten knowledge, especially concerning rituals and magic.

Order of Labyrinths — while not strictly a branch of the Eclipse Collective, the revival of the Order of Labyrinths began with Garmeth and was established in a labyrinthine room in the corner of the Keep. When Garmeth died, they left. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Active Members

  • Zil’dejin Firebane, dragonborn warlord, ex-slave and former mercenary. Recently recovered from alcoholism and aspires towards kingship.
  • Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani, half-elf ardent. A House Medani inquisitor with the Basilisk’s Gaze in possession of bizarre powers relating to emotions. Sacrificed his own life to help the party escape an unwinnable battle in the Starpeaks Observatory. The devils of Baator used his life and soul to hold open the gate to Eberron through the Starpeaks Observatory. His soul was finally freed during the Starpeaks Invasion, but he was intercepted by Sefizel on his way to Dolurrh, and soon after freed from those demons by Charon. Charon made Lucan her daemonic Harbinger, giving him enough power to kill one of the thirteen Grim Reapers.
  • Derli d’Kundarak, dwarf paladin. Son of a corrupt House Kundarak banker. Derli stole an ill-gotten artifact from his father and later became a mercenary in a bloodthirsty company during the Last War. Feels a strong connection to Dol Dorn. Currently imprisoned in an unknown location by Mordakhesh the Shadowsword.
  • Conlon Ostrennar, human hexblade warlock. A member of a barbarian tribe from Argonnessen who developed arcane powers that were refined by a pact with an entity of the stars named Eltimar, who is alien even to Conlon. Since joining the Collective he has developed a stronger connection with Eltimar, and recently has even developed means of establishing direct contact with the star entity. He did not enter the breach during the Starpeaks Invasion, and afterwards left. He adopted a son and raised him, and later founded a magical academy/library in Eros.—
  • Rilic Balendal, human couterfeit mage. Widely renowned as a powerful mage and a legendary adventurer, Rilic carries a shocking secret: he has no magical talent whatsoever. Merely a charletan with a handful of magic wands and particular skill at performing and deceiving observers into believing he can truly cast spells, Rilic is never the less a surprisingly talented combatant.
  • Kaleth, aasimar chronomancer. Likely the most powerful time wizard alive, Kaleth was a Khan in he ancient city-state of the Chronocracy, which was frozen in time for much of history by Kaleth’s alternate-reality counterpart, the Overlord. Kaleth freed the Chronocracy, restoring it to time, and now serves as Magister of Eros.
  • Indicus, fire genasi fighter. An extremely talented pit fighter from a few thousands years in the past, he was freed from his slavery by Kaleth, who was passing through a rift in time. Indicus was killed by the Rogue Reaper, but it brought him back as a “Ghostwalker” for reasons unknown.

Deceased Members

  • Tam’elanath Edroin d’Phiarlan, elf ranger. A wild elf-turned-bowyer with a dragonmark that appeared spontaneously. Adventured with the Collective, which he helped found, until he joined House Phiarlan. At that point he parted ways with the adventuring company to become a full-time agent of his House. He was eventually banished from Phiarlan for inadvertently killing a House member, and returned destitute to the Collective. He joined them for a time, and was accepted into House Thuranni. He entered Baator with the others during the Starpeaks Invasion, but was killed by Dispater. His body was taken by Stahlstrauss, and he is presumed to have remained dead (deceased, 1000 YK).
  • Morgue, tiefling rogue. A man with a dangerous hunger for violence but ultimately a good heart, he stayed with the Collective to redeem his honour (deceased, 998 YK).
  • Typhus Phendragon, tiefling wizard. A pyromancer with origins that are dubious, at best. His bizarre personality may have obscured a much darker past, but the truth of his history will likely never be known for sure (deceased, 998 YK).
  • Mikhal Thanesman, human paladin. A squire of the Knights Militant of the Church of the Silver Flame, in the service of Theoban Flamerule. Survived only a short time with the party before meeting his death at the hands of a hobgoblin (deceased, 998 YK).
  • Lythanis Zyk, kalashtar psion. An Adaran rebel who came to Khorvaire fleeing persecution from the lords of Sarlona, he was ultimately reprogrammed by his pursuers and had to be killed by the party (deceased, 999 YK).
  • Eshunu, shardmind druid. As a shardmind, Eshunu was a type of construct made of crystal that is rarely seen on Khorvaire. He followed a circle of druidism that sought a balance between civilization and nature. Eshunu was incapable of speech and could only communicate telepathically, which he rarely did. He was killed on a ship crossing Lake Galifar, and his remains were stolen by his assassin (deceased, 998 YK).
  • Garmeth Shitorai, githzerai monk. A member of the mostly-lost Order of Labyrinths who sought to restore his order while fighting the aberrant threats he was sworn to defeat. Garmeth was killed in a trap set by his former master, who became corrupted by the very thing the Order tried to fight (deceased 999 YK).
  • Cecil Morris Duran, human warlock. Son of a “merchant” who may have been a Sea Prince in the Lhazaar Principalities. His original adventuring party was killed, and he joined with the Eclipse Collective for a short time thereafter before leaving the company to pursue his own interests (retired, 998 YK; returned in 1000 YK to help with the Starpeaks Invasion and was killed).
  • Zan-kyri, ice (water) genasi artificer. A traveler from Risia who replaced his own arm with an artifical one to reduce errors in his work. Has a crippling addiction to Droaam mindcotton. Stayed in his home plane of Risia when the party visited it. Returned with the Frozen Colossus to assist in the Starpeaks Invasion, but was killed in the breach (deceased, 1000 YK).
  • Marlamin Tarmikos, human blackguard. A living champion of the Blood of Vol who met the party on a ship en route to the Eldeen Reaches. Marlamin became subject to daelkyr corruption when he put on a gauntlet forged by one of the daelkyr lords, and afterwards went missing. He apparently rejoined with the Blood of Vol and gained some control over his affliction as he helped the party with an army of undead during the Starpeaks Invasion. He left afterwards, his army destroyed, but joined the party again not long after, once he had sealed his arm. He was killed on Vult, in the pyramid of Tharkul Kan, his brain devoured by a mind flayer. His dead body was used as a weapon by the party, its destruction freeing the angered spirits of the angels he killed.
  • Iadoes Lunaformer, tiefling wild sorcerer. A slightly-addled, repeatedly-frostbitten sorcerer devoted to the worship of the moon Lharvion. Zil’dejin encountered him chained to a fragment of the moon while marching the Devil Killer Legion to Thaliost, and he traveled with the Collective from then on up until the point of his death from petrification followed by a long fall into Illandyano. He is known for founding the Cult of Lharvion, and for the two identities that survived his death, typically called Mad Iadoes and Evil Iadoes.
  • Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle, gnome shadow monk. Known primarily in underworld circles by his nickname, he runs a shadow network of monks that work outside of the law. He was initially hired to help explore some regions of the Mournland to expand Eros. He joined the party on their journey up until his death in Haka’torvhak, when he sprung a particularly deadly trap in a chest he attempted to steal.
  • Gongrack, half-orc ranger. Gongrack was a monster hunter, of whom little is known. He joined the party while hunting mind flayers on the moon of Vult, and was not long after killed when a time dimensional consumed his timestream while Kaleth was attempting to restore the Chronocracy.
  • Tandi Warmmantle, halfling bard. Famous across Khorvaire for his incredibly diverse musical stylings and arcane talents, he stumbled into the Eclipse Keep after a teleportation mishap, and became entwined with the Eclipse Collective’s affairs. He became progressively more famous, and spent more and more time with his bands. He rejoined the party briefly in Gehenna, during the raid on Nelfach’s tower, where he was killed by an astradaemon.
  • Girrrth Thicktrunk, earth genasi barbarian. A warlord from Droaam who was once a sharp strategic mind, and fought under the Prince of Bones in the Starpeak Invasion. His intelligence was sapped from him, but his strength became known across the world, and he became the “world’s strongest being” when he defeated the titan Komios. He was killed by the Rogue Reaper, and unlike Indicus, he was not restored to life.

Retired Members

  • Elyas, deva invoker. Elyas is a deva, a rare being said to be descended from angels. He is a devoted follower and prophet of Aureon, hailing from Sarlona, where he pursued forbidden knowledge in Riedra. His death has led to a reincarnation – one of many – and his followers, the Moon’s Gate, have found him again and now adhere to his teachings and tend to his orders (deceased, 999 YK, but reincarnated).
  • Xulgos Adinimys, drow hunter. A strange being with a stranger apperance: Xulgos has no eyes, tentacles for hair, and blue skin. The former two properties derive from his unusual powers, which are linked to beholders. He worked with the Excavators of the Mournland, a group of drow that left Xen’drik for reasons Xulgos won’t elaborate on, before joining the Collective. Xulgos was killed fighting the balor general of the Rage of War that he and Derli shared, but came back to life in the body of a clone created by Xorchylic that Xulgos kept in the Eclipse Keep vault. He was killed again in Menechtarun, but due to a magic ring given to him by the rakshasa Atrava the Frozen, came back as a glabrezu containing his soul with full faculties (deceased, 1001 YK, but is occupying the body of a glabrezu). He retired from the Eclipse Collective to watch over the Vulkoori drow in his new demonic form.

Absent or Missing Members

  • Stahlstrauss, warforged fighter. One of the first warforged ever constructed, he was an ex-revolutionary who met the party while in Winterhaven with his longtime companion Eshunu. He disappeared in 999 YK during the party’s adventures in the Mournland, but returned during the Starpeaks Invasion with a reformed army of warforged. When the party withdrew from Baator, Stahlstrauss stayed within to recover the damned souls of Zan-kyri and Tam’elanath, who died in the Invasion.
  • Paddy Grimm, a human pirate. A dread pirate, and one of the princes of the Lhazaar Principalities. He has helped the party on numerous occasions, but his current whereabouts are unknown. He is believed to be back on the high seas, however.

Temporary Members

A few members of the Collective have worked with the party only briefly.

  • Burl Gadra, bugbear berserker. Burl Gadra was found by the party in the Clifftop Laboratory, a second-generation magebred who claims to have once been human. In the wake of the events of Metrol, Zil’dejin Firebane appointed Burl Gadra as the new Magebred Lord of Spirit, and the berserker now acts as Zil’dejin’s eyes and ears in the Mournland.
  • Professor Mordecai Ayel Moriarty d’Medani, a professor of psycholinguistics from Wynarn University. Works closely with House Medani. The party freed him from Elde’s palace in Metrol, and he remained with them until they returned to civilization soon after.
  • Kavaki Oreblood, goliath warden. Chieftain of a clan of goliath nomads in Risia, he assisted the party while they were on that plane to secure the safety of his clan.
  • Vice Harbringer, human assassin rogue. Infamous but elusive, he is known for his great talent and success rate in killing his specialized targets: magic-users. He was hired by Baalondorus to help the party kill Mordakhesh for good, though became absent to deal with an unfortunate deal he made with the Rage of War to kill Jaela Daran.
  • Adran Nailo, half-elf fiend warlock/dragon sorcerer. Made a pact personally with Var Setkhal, the Consuming Flame, which is very rare, especially for a non-fiend. He died in Menechtarun while he was helping the party against the Sulatar, killed accidentally by Iadoes’ spell. His body was briefly used as a host for the soul of an ancient fire giant king, Ammul (deceased, 1001 YK).
  • Thoman Lander, human cleric of Dol Arrah. A desert wanderer with an extensive gift for healing, encountered the party while they were changing to a new airship in the desert of Menechtarun. He was trapped in the Eclipse Keep when it was stolen by Mordakhesh the Shadowsword, and killed with its other inhabitants.

Eclipse Collective

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