“And so the jealous pillar was cast away, bound Nine-fold with his traitors in unshakable wards, the steadfast devices of the Host. Aureon felt deeply the loss of one who had taught him much, but he did not grieve, for it was not by his hand, but that of the immutable Law.”
– passage from the Book of Aureon, in the Regnant Codex

Of all the planes in the Sea of Siberys, Baator is among the most obscure. Until very recently, its existence was only acknowledged by a small number of specialized scholars, and even they knew little of its nature. After the opening of the ancient gate at the Starpeaks Observatory, however, interest has been spreading rapidly among mage and scholastic communities alike. Still, the warforged warrior Stahlstrauss is the only outsider to have actually visited the plane in recent memory — perhaps ever.

According to high priests of Aureon, and some short, cryptic passages in the Regnant Codex, Baator is some sort of prison for rebellious immortals, containing nine realms of punishment — each crafted by a different Sovereign. Its origins are unclear, though its ruler is said to be as old as the gods themselves, cast into the Ninth Hell by Aureon himself.

The devils here differ greatly from those found in Shavarath or Fernia, and until the incident at the observatory, have — for whatever reason — apparently been content to exist quietly. It is said that they are responsible for numerous infernal pacts with mortals across Eberron, offering power for prices unknown.

After the portal in the Starpeaks was opened again, and the devils took control of it, the Baator devils mounted for a large-scale invasion of Eberron. Led by the archdukes Bel and Dispater, lords of the first and second hells respectively, they prepared for a huge invasion that was stemmed by the massed armies of the Eclipse Collective. Bel and Dispater were laid low, and the portal was resealed.


Baator has the following traits:

  • Divinely morphic: Baator’s shape and form can be affected by the archdukes of each given layer, and also overall by its ruler
  • Strongly evil-aligned


  • The only native inhabitants of Baator are devils of all kinds

Effects on the Material Plane

As it is not technically a plane in the sense of the other planes of Eberron, Baator has no known effects on the Material Plane when remote or coterminous.

The Nine Hells

  1. Avernus
  2. Dis
  3. Minauros
  4. Phlegethos
  5. Stygia
  6. Malebolge
  7. Maladomini
  8. Cania
  9. Nessus


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