Arcane Congress

“You, of anyone else on this continent, should therefore understand the importance of our work here. Our inquiries into magic require no additional restrictions, as you hypocritically suggest; if anything, they require fewer.”
– from First Warlord Adal’s open letter to the Committee of the Twelve

Nearly a millennium ago, King Galifar I established the Arcane Congress in Aundair as a tremendous project to study magic for his kingdom. The face of the Congress today has changed much, but it remains at the very peak of magical study in Khorvaire. The Arcane Congress is officially aligned with Aundair, and the nation’s Royal Minister of Magic and First Warlord Adal acts as the connection between Queen Aurala and the institution.

The congress oversees Arcanix, a floating fortress from which they conduct most of their business and mentor new spellcasters. They also maintain offices throughout Aundair, with the second-largest found in Fairhaven.

In 998 YK, researchers from the Arcane Congress were sent to the Starpeaks Observatory, where they were killed by a Droaam warband calling themselves the Painchiefs. It was discovered that a portal to Baator — the only known gate in Eberron — was hidden here. Because of the congress’ involvement with the observatory and the opening of the portal, they have taken some initiative in preparing Khorvaire against the forthcoming devil invasion.

Known members

  • Adal ir’Wynarn, Royal Minister of Magic and First Warlord of Aundair
  • Ephos, researcher and the Eclipse Collective’s main contact in the Congress
  • Roswyn, assistant to Ephos

Arcane Congress

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