Staff of Three Dragons

The product of the combination of three of the most powerful artifacts in the world; an implement of immense power


The Staff of Three Dragons is an exceptionally powerful artifact which acts as a +7 staff implement and conveys an assortment of powers depending on the wielder’s attunement. Any class capable of using staff implements may use it in this fashion.

Known Powers


The Staff of Three Dragons consists of three parts: the Rod of Order, the Chains of Balance, and the Chaos Gear. The Rod forms the basis for the staff, while the Chains wrap around it and anchor the hovering Gear to the top.

The power of the Staff is nearly unfathomable. Scholars have had a sense that the artifacts could be united into the Staff for a long time, but very few people are aware of what it actually does. When fully assembled, the Staff of Three Dragons can cause all planes to merge where this power is used. This is the catastrophic event that appears to have caused the Day of Mourning. According to Grandir, this power should have been enough to extend the Mournland through most (if not all) of Khorvaire; why it did not remains a mystery.


At present, the Staff of Three Dragons is known to have been assembled just once, on Olraune 20, 996 YK: the Day of Mourning. It was assembled by Grandir Shan Tiraleth, Starrin d’Cannith, and Raveth Funa’Koshe, though Grandir claims there was meant to be a fourth, Baelin Bronzesmith. While the Staff may have been used at other points in history for some purpose, such events have been lost to time.

Known Previous Owners

Staff of Three Dragons

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