Rage Shards


According to Atrava the Frozen, there are thirteen Rage Shards spread throughout Eberron. The party has encountered eleven of them so far:

1. A spherical shard about three feet in diameter, recovered from the sunken Dhakaani courtyard behind the Deep Door in Graywall, where it fell as a meteor thousands of years ago. It was held in the Eclipse Keep until Mordakhesh stole it in 1001 YK.

2. An oblong shard, roughly the size of a football, wrapped in scroll fragments to contain its power. Found its way into the House Kundarak vaults in Krona Peak, from which Derli d’Kundarak stole it when his father tried to take it for himself. It was held in the Eclipse Keep until Mordakhesh stole it in 1001 YK.

3. (Active) A tiny shard, formed into a black ring. Worn by Mordakhesh until he was forced to surrender it by the party in 1000 YK. The ring was now carried by Derli d’Kundarak, who believed it to be inactive, though it was really in an active state the entire time he was carrying it. It was later given back to Mordakhesh as part of a deal made against the freed atropal Zenza.

4. (Active) A massive, ovoid shard, twice the height of a man. Found beneath Thaliost, its power was activated when Adal ir’Wynarn attacked that city. It was recovered by the Knights Militant directed by Barnus Firehope. Its current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed to be in the possession of the Church of the Silver Flame..

5. A jagged shard, about six feet tall, recovered by Karrnath during the Last War and kept in one of their fortresses. A skirmish was fought over it between Cyre and Karrnath, and the former was victorious. Zil’dejin Firebane was present at the battle and witnessed its recovery in 995 YK. From there, its location was unknown until it was purchased by House Cannith, who used it in constructing the literal flying fortress called “Project Fat Dragon.”

6. (Active) A square pyramidal shard, approximately five feet from base to apex. It was a possession of somebody important in the Giant Empire and was sealed away in the pyramid of Pata Anka before opportunistic fire genasi took it in 1001 YK for Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan while the Eclipse Collective explored the pyramid, largely in an effort to keep the shard away from the Sulatar. The shard was later recovered by the Eclipse Collective after the Sultan’s death, handed in trade by Atrava the Frozen for Iadoes taking the first step in becoming a herald of Levistus. It was later given to Ammul to be used as part of the creation of Firebring, and was activated when Ammul (in Adran Nailo’s body) was killed over it. It was in the possession of the Eclipse Collective until their airship was stolen in 1001 YK, and now Mordakhesh has it.

7. (Active) A long, slender shard revealed to be set into the blade of the Battlecrazed Sword, the weapon used by Marlamin Tarmikos. With Marlamin’s death, the sword is being carried by Zil’dejin. The blade is engraved with runes that, at first glance, appear to provide the weapon’s power; in reality, they bind the shard, preventing it from being activated. Derli removed the effectiveness of these runes by blacksmithing, and activated the shard when he defeated Parintar. It was later given to Mordakhesh as part of a deal made against the freed atropal Zenza.

8. A small triangular shard, worn as an amulet by Drago Kraal. It is not active, though he has not said anything of where he acquired it or why he wears it. It was lost to Sefizel after the Eclipse Collective sent the Radiant Idol searching for it. Drago claims to have traded it, but has not said what he got from the bargain.

9. (Active) A decahedron-shaped shard about sixteen feet tall, used as a source of power to keep Zenza bound by the eldritch giants that built Zenzatun. It was recovered by the Eclipse Collective after they accidentally freed Zenza and placed into a time-frozen demiplane by Kaleth. It was on loan to Baalondorus for research purposes, who was attempting to use it to find other Shards of its type. He managed to find one (see #11 below), but gave up on the research afterwards due to the associated danger.

10. This shard was originally one large chunk with multiple branches, but it was sundered during the Age of Giants, and transformed into items called the “Slaying Stones”. Each one was a single-use artifact that could kill a target instantly but caused the destruction of the stone. Destroying one caused the remaining power to be distributed between the still-intact shards. In 999 YK, only one shard remained, kept in the fallen fortress of Kiris Dahn. It was destroyed by the Grey Company, and its power merged with the witch Treona, so in a sense, the witch is actually this shard now.

11. (Active) A cubic shard, about eight feel on all sides. Baalondorus discovered this to be in Shavarath, a point of heated contest between the archons, devils, and demons, and believes that — like the one used to seal Zenza — it is being used to protect something, whether keeping it in or out.

Rage Shards

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