Glanvar's Glaive

A weapon used by a slave revolutionary to kill the most powerful slaver in Khorvaire, now Zil'dejin's signature weapon


Weapon, legendary (requires attunement by a former or current slave)

You have a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls for attacks you make with this weapon. Additionally, this weapon scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.


After Zil’dejin Firebane began an uprising of slaves against the massive slaver company Cabor’s Chains, another hero of the uprising came to the fore: Glanvar Soranath. He had spent years preparing for such an uprising, and — as a weaponsmith in his life before captivity — had been slowly creating a makeshift glaive out of discarded materials with what little free time he had under the whips of the slavers.

Glanvar used the glaive he made to kill Cabor, the founder of the Chains and personal boss of the landship caravan that had enslaved Glanvar himself. In the ensuing chaos of the burgeoning rebellion, Glanvar was killed, but his soul entered the glaive to help fuel the eternal fight against slavery and subjugation. It has since been perpetually sharp when wielded by a worthy user, despite its jagged and somewhat crude appearance.

Years later, when Borahm the Scourge attempted to revive the Chains, he located Glanvar’s Glaive. In a perversion of its use as a symbol of the uprising, he mounted it in his “office” in a basement in Vedykar as a trophy. Zil’dejin would later discover what Borahm was attempting, and killed the slaver. He took the weapon to use as his own, awakening its magic as an ex-slave like Glanvar had been.

Zil’dejin used this weapon for a long time before the events leading to Derli d’Kundarak‘s possession by a balor. When the party confronted the weakened demon in a ruined tower south of the Eclipse Keep, Zil’dejin was knocked unconscious during the battle, but managed to rally to deliver the final blow. He absorbed its essence into the glaive, strengthening its magic further with demonic power.

Owner: Zil’dejin Firebane

Previous Owners:

Glanvar's Glaive

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