The mysterious artifact of Scora Bael, containing an ancient aboleth's essence.


“The Dreamheart” is an artifact previously contained in the lower level of Scora Bael. When the ruins were unsealed by the Vulkoori drow of the island, it is believed by many that the artifact’s power leaking outwards caused visions of all sorts to be had by those in the surrounding areas.

The precise nature of the artifact is unknown to many. Besides the name, it is known only to most of the factions that previously competed for its acquisition on Kapaerian Island that it can cause visions. These visions tend to include promises of power and some vague flashes of a war involving the giants against an unknown enemy. It can inspire a certain madness in those who experience the visions and lust for power and are particularly weak-willed or susceptible to such ideas.

The Eclipse Collective discovered that the Dreamheart has an older name: the “Eye of the Eldest.” The item was created by the giant empire as a sealing device for an ancient and powerful aboleth, creatures who ruled the seas in the Age of Demons many millennia ago. The giants of Kapaerian Island, cut off from the rest of their empire, dedicated their lives to keeping the Eldest sealed, and all of the artifact’s power comes from the Eldest pressing against its bonds.

It was taken from Scora Bael by the Eclipse Collective and, to the ire of the many factions competing for it, was delivered to the hands of the Church of the Silver Flame for safekeeping.


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