Amulet of Dol Dorn

This amulet, bearing the symbol of Dol Dorn, is part of a set of three legendary artifacts, and symbolizes an unbreakable covenant with its wearer.


Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a Chaotic Good character who has sworn a binding oath of blood to Dol Dorn).

The properties of this item are unknown, beyond that it requires a binding covenant with its wearer that persists until the wearer dies (whether or not he or she is wearing it). It is currently bound to its previous owner, the Ragdoll Killer.


Owner: Ragdoll Killer

(though Derli d’Kundarak currently has possession of this item, its powers are still bound to the Ragdoll Killer)

Amulet of Dol Dorn

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